NBC and CBS Neck-and-Neck on YouTube ratings

According to the latest YouTube stats, NBC has caught up with CBS on total daily page views (*) at YouTube. The change took place around Feb. 06, 2007, and is likely attributable to the highly popular D*ck in a Box Uncensored video.

Since then, it’s been pretty much neck-and-neck, with NBC pulling ahead in the last few days, as evidenced by this chart:

NBC vs. CBS YouTube Stats

The latest push by NBC seems to be due to Saturday Night Live’s Chris Rock spot, among others.

Most of these stats come from a new service I’m involved with, TubeMogul, which lets you track your videos across several video websites, compare different publishers and group your videos to compare how they’re doing across different versions or websites. I’ll be posting a more in-depth article about TubeMogul shortly, but in the meantime give it a try… You’ll like it.

(*) As I’ve said before, page views -as reported by internet video websites- are almost useless. We need more detailed stats, such as actual views (playbacks) and how far each viewer got through the video.

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