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iPhone-related domains for sale

I’ve got a number of iPhone-related domains that I haven’t developed. If you’re interested in any of them, drop me a line with the domain you want and your best offer to domains4sale [at] red66 [dot] com.


Kluster to go live on Monday

Kluster, a website where entrepreneurs will be able to promote their ideas, receive input from users, vote on the best improvements and then share the profits is set to go live on Monday.


A Google search for Kluster reveals nothing more than their website (and a bunch of links to a long forgotten music band), which is quite remarkable. Google News has some additional details here, here, here and here.

Ben Kaufman, of mophie fame, is behind this interesting venture.

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The MiamiTwits Twitter Group

Following Technosailor‘s lead, and using his code, I’ve setup the MiamiTwits Twitter group for people in the Miami, FL area (and anyone else, really) who wish to subscribe.

All you need is:

  • a twitter account (of course)
  • follow @MiamiTwits
  • send a direct message to the group (e.g., d MiamiTwits Hello Miami!) and it will be automatically broadcast to the entire group.


Variety: RCTV’s “El Señor Presidente” film challenges Chavez

An interesting article in this week’s Variety highlights the production of the film “El Señor Presidente” by RCTV, based on Miguel Angel Asturias, a Guatemalan Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Read the complete article on Variety’s website.

‘El Señor Presidente’ challenges Chavez

By Anna Marie De La Fuente

RCTV, the 53 year old Venezuelan terrestrial network that was yanked off the airwaves in May for its anti-government stance, is again defying the populist regime of President Hugo Chavez by producing a pic that openly describes a dictatorship in a Latin American country. This is RCTV’s first film production in some 20 years.

Written, produced and helmed by RCTV’s VP of Development and New Media, Romulo Guardia, “El Señor Presidente” (The President) is a film adaptation of the novel by Guatemalan 1967 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Miguel Angel Asturias. Guardia’s production company, Angostura Films, co-produced the pic.

“Aside from exploring a variety of genres, we are looking to recreate Spanish classic literature that will appeal to a broad Latin American audience,” Guardia says. RCTV’s next pic is a horror thriller based on a Venezuelan legend. The web aims to make three pics next year and to eventually build up its feature film production output to 12 a year.

Leading distrib/exhib Cinematografica Blancica, which distributes pics from Sony Pictures and Warners in Venezuela, will release the drama by the end of November on 20 prints, a high count for a local pic.

Guardia shot “El Señor Presidente” in hi-def for less than $1 million in Caracas and other locations. “We had to film in secret in order to avoid being shut down,” says Guardia, a former exec at Discovery Latin America.

“El Señor Presidente” is set in a fictitious Latin American country living under a fierce dictatorship. In the story, the president uses his influence to destroy his rival and enemy, General Canales, the father of the young girl he fancies. “We plan to market the film as a Guatemalan story to avoid any problems with authorities,” says Blancica prexy Antonio Blanco.

RCTV lost its terrestrial broadcasting rights last spring when Chavez’s democratically elected government opted not to renew the web’s license, accusing it of siding with the opposition and allegedly violating broadcast laws. As of July, RCTV has been broadcasting on cable and satellite systems under the moniker RCTV Intl.

The Chavez government has been backing a slew of pics that local industryites and government watchdogs label as outright propaganda films, some shot in the new state-of-the-art studio facility outside Caracas, La Villa del Cine. Chavez has recently been hosting visits from Hollywood activists including Danny Glover, Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey.

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We’re moving up!

This blog’s web address will be moving up from to simply

All links and articles should automatically send you to the new address, but keep in mind that some pipes might break during the move. If at all possible, please change any bookmarks or links you have to reflect this change.

In addition to this change of address, I’ll be upgrading the blog’s WordPress version to 2.3.

If you find anything is broken, let me know via the comments below.

Get your Virb and Joost invites here

Just got a new batch of Joost (2) and Virb (10) invites for my readers… Joost is now Mac compatible as well.

Leave your comment… (recommend a social network or some Mac OS X software for extra credit). These will go quickly!

While you’re here, read through some of my more popular posts:

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Do you have a Virb invite?

To quote Scrivs -over at the 9rules network- “Virb is another Social Network from the guys over at Pure Volume.”

To be more precise, it seems Virb is MySpace done right, or at least pretty. MySpace lays claim to the infamous title of “World’s greates collection of ugly websites.” It’s so bad, there’s a ton of companies making money designing MySpace websites (bandspaces being one of the most amazing).

Apparently, Virb is a lot more configurable – check out the designs on Flickr.

But what I really want to know is… do you have any invites available? I’d give you a Gmail or Orkut invite, but I guess everyone has one of those already (it seems everyone in Brazil does, anyway), ROFL! (Having sent out hundreds of Gmail invites, I can only hope karma sends an invite my way).

UPDATE: Once again, the blogosphere comes through… and within hours of posting this, Mike @ 9rules sent me an invite. I now have several invites available myself, so let me know if you’d like one.

Two invites left… they’re going quickly. Invites are gone… stay tuned for more.


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A Recap of Recent Articles

Yesterday’s article – Analyzing the CBS YouTube Stats – proved to be very popular, more than doubling the number of visitors and sending page views through the roof.

So, to welcome all the new blog readers, a short recap of our latest posts is in order.

Remember that you can subscribe by email to the blog if you want to receive new articles on your inbox. Simply click here to subscribe. No spam, just the latest article.

On to the recap…

Analyzing the YouTube Stats attempts to shed some light on the recent press release from CBS regarding their first month on YouTube. Using their Top-15 videos and comparing to a more recent Top-15, we can analyze the viewership volume of newer videos and determine their viral growth.

Google Does Video Graphs critiques Google Video’s latest feature, view stats for your videos, and shows where there’s room for improvement.

Blast From the Past – Multidimensional Data Analysis presents a graph I came up with years ago, while doing rating’s analysis for a TV network. If you’re a fan of Edward Tufte, this one’s for you.

The Advertiser’s Dilemma is about optimizing ad purchases in the Internet video age. When videos go viral overnight, and go cold almost as fast, how to you place your ads to maximize exposure while minimizing cost?

An Informal Chat with Second Life Creator Philip Rosedale – random musings from the recent Forbes MEET Forum (held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles).

Rethinking Ratings analyzes current television rating methods and why they’re inappropriate for the Internet video industry. Suggestions for improvement.

Where are the Editors is where I ramble about the need for trustworthy editors in an era of endless information. This was a recurrent theme at the Forbes MEET Forum (even though this article was posted before the conference).

Hacking at Apple Stores is a short piece about the copious amounts of personal information people leave behind on the computers on display at Apple Stores.

Why Google Should Buy YouTube – posted before the actual purchase, this articles presents a number of reasons why buying YouTube would add enormous value to Google… and why the US$1.65 Billion they eventually paid for it might actually be a bargain.

Case Study: NBC’s Heroes details the good and the bad about how NBC is taking advantage of Digital Media Integration with their new hit series.

The Paris Hilton School of Blogging is a humorous look at name-dropping in blogs and its advertising value.

Google Media – an in-depth analysis of the way Google will change the way you experience music, television and media in general. Includes interface mock-ups.

Well, there you go… Now you have something to read over Thanksgiving.

Have fun and come back soon!

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