What’s up with Panasonic’s customer service?

I bought a Panasonic FZ20 camera (which I highly recommend) from Circuit City (great service) in November. The offer included a rebate from Panasonic for a free battery and carrying case. I sent the required documentation to Panasonic in December 2004 and am still waiting for the battery & case (it’s now April 2005).

And I’m definitely not the only one. Check out these posts at the DPReview Panasonic forum:



The word from Panasonic, is that they’re out-of-stock, and they don’t know when they will have the products on hand. Seems like that has been so for a couple of months at least. I wonder if Panasonic sees these rebates as “gifts” they’re giving us… ’cause the way I see it, this is stuff I paid for (by selecting this particular vendor).

So… think twice before taking advantage of these Panasonic rebates.

UPDATE: I eventually received everything Panasonic offered.

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