Fixing WordPress to work with Ecto again

Ever since I switched to an Apple laptop (MacBook Pro), I’ve been using Ecto to post to my WordPress blogs. But a couple of weeks ago, Ecto starting having issues while downloading posts from my blog: it would just sit there on an endless loop while retrieving a post’s categories.

A quick trip to the Ecto support forums pointed the finger at a change WordPress had made to their code, apparently breaking the MovableType standard it uses. But enough with the geek stuff… on to the solution (thanks to user gusleig at the Ecto forums for originally posting this):

Disclaimer: I’m usually against modifying code to make things work with one particular solution. If this is indeed a WordPress issue, they should fix it so that everybody is on the same page. That said, if you’re using Ecto and WordPress, this should work for you.

1. Open the file “xmlrpc.php” with your favorite text editor (or whatever is available). This file is located in your blog’s root folder.

2. Find the line that says: ‘categoryId’ => $catid, – On my copy, this is line 980.

3. Change this line to: ‘categoryId’ => (string) $catid,

4. Save the file.

Ecto should now work correctly when fetching posts from your blog. The problem, according to Ecto, was that WordPress changed the way it reports the $catid, using an int variable instead of a string (as apparently required by the MovableType standard).

Additional info:

Bug ticket posted at WordPress trac.

Diff file at WordPress trac.

This fix should be officially incorporated into WordPress version 2.1.1

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