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Flock 1.0 looks very promising

If you’re a social network junkie, following twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube

If you’re constantly sending urls, photos and videos to your online friends…

If you like having multiple tabs open at the same time with your favorite websites…

If you blog

If you use del.icio.us or ma.gnolia to save your favorite urls…

Basically, if you like to browse-and-socialize, then Flock is for you. And Flock 1.0 will blow you away.

Flock is a web browser, based on the Mozilla Open Source code. In their own words:

“Flock is The Social Web Browser. It’s the browser, evolved for people.”

Check out what Flock is about on their website. Download the latest version ( at the time of writing this post) here. And learn more about Flock 1.0 (coming soon) here or watch a demo video here.

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