Find Any Song on the iTunes Store

Having trouble finding a song on the iTunes store? Try this simple tip:

Go to the iTunes Store homepage, scroll down to the bottom and select a store for a different country using the drop down list provided. Songs not available on the US iTunes Store may be available on one of the country-specific stores.

For example, Elevator Boy, an 80’s tune by Danish group Laid Back, is not available on the US iTunes Store. Back in 1997, it took me a few years to find this song on Napster. The song, a favorite of local party-djs, was originally available as the B-side of Laid Back’s hit White Horse. So you get an idea of how hard to find this particular song must be. But head on over to the Danish iTunes Store and you’ll find it for 8Kr.

Also, if you happen to be into Progressive Rock, check out the wikipedia article, the progarchives, and the iTunes Essentials collection. Again, look through the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany iTunes Stores to make sure you really get everything. Many important groups are only available on their country’s store.

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