Do you have a Virb invite?

To quote Scrivs -over at the 9rules network- “Virb is another Social Network from the guys over at Pure Volume.”

To be more precise, it seems Virb is MySpace done right, or at least pretty. MySpace lays claim to the infamous title of “World’s greates collection of ugly websites.” It’s so bad, there’s a ton of companies making money designing MySpace websites (bandspaces being one of the most amazing).

Apparently, Virb is a lot more configurable – check out the designs on Flickr.

But what I really want to know is… do you have any invites available? I’d give you a Gmail or Orkut invite, but I guess everyone has one of those already (it seems everyone in Brazil does, anyway), ROFL! (Having sent out hundreds of Gmail invites, I can only hope karma sends an invite my way).

UPDATE: Once again, the blogosphere comes through… and within hours of posting this, Mike @ 9rules sent me an invite. I now have several invites available myself, so let me know if you’d like one.

Two invites left… they’re going quickly. Invites are gone… stay tuned for more.


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