Heading to MEET 2006

I’ll be attending Forbes’ MEET 2006 conference (Media | Electronic Entertainment | Technology) in Beverly Hills. The theme of the October 24-25 conference will be: Reaping Riches in the Media and Entertainment Revolution.

Among those invited to speak at the conference, Amp’d Mobile CEO Peter Adderton, IAC Chairman Barry Diller, Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, YouTube CEO Chad Hurley… well, you get the idea. Check the rest of the list at the conference website.

If at all possible, I’ll be blogging live from the conference. I also hope that by then Apple has come out with new Core 2 Duo laptops, so that I can finally make the switch.

Will you be attending? Let me know so we can meet. I’ll also be in SF in the days after the conference.