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SMG Exec: Don’t Bet On Pre-Roll

Don’t you just hate having to sit through a 30 second commercial just to watch a short internet video clip? The pre-roll ad (forcing the viewer to watch a video ad before they can watch their chosen content) has had mixed results on the internet. Publishers have experimented with different methods, including shorter pre-roll ads, post-roll ads, adjacent banners, and my favorite so far: a simple sponsorship message (“Brought to you by Pringles”) followed by a more extensive post-roll ad, after you’ve watched your content.

Best quote from the article: “While the guaranteed impressions delivered by pre-roll ads appeal to marketers, they won’t amount to much if they end up alienating viewers.

‘Live’ Ratings Pronounced Dead At Nielsen Meeting

According to a recent Nielsen report, people who own a DVR time-shift 40% of the shows they watch. Although DVR households amount to just 11% of the market, the trend is significant enough to have caught the attention of the TV networks and advertisers. It now seems much more likely that television ratings will evolve in two fronts: a move to commercial minute ratings (measuring the ads instead of the shows) and a move to “Live plus playback” (measuring time-shifted playback in addition to live broadcasts).

Interesting tidbit from the article: “the major broadcast networks have not been getting “paid” for about 7% of their audience – the portion of their audience that is currently played back on DVRs.

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