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Adobe Lightroom Inconsistencies

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to manage my huge library of digital photos… but lately it’s been acting up. Lightroom is a really nice application if you take lots of digital images (otherwise, I suggest you stick with Apple’s iPhoto) and it manages the complete workflow from importing the images out of your camera, organizing, editing, printing and sharing them online.

This week, Lightroom began behaving erratically. My thumbnail images were gone from the Library view, even though the image files are still there, and clicking on them still opens the image in the Develop module. The problem has been reported on Adobe’s forums (here and here), but at the time this post was written there was still no solution (or acknowledgment) from Adobe. Also missing sometimes, but not always, are the module labels (Library | Develop | Slideshow | Print | Web) that you click on to navigate around the program.


Following the advice left on the Adobe forum (from other Lightroom users) I found a partial solution. Unchecking the “Show Header with Labels” option under the “View | Options” dialog makes the thumbnails reappear (though you lose all the additional information about each image). Pressing “J” while in library view will cycle the different display modes and also temporarily solve the issue.

This image shows the empty gray thumbnails you’ll see when “Show Header with Labels” is active:


With “Show Header with Labels” inactive, the thumbnails appear again, but we lose the extra information:


The problem with the module navigation labels is partially solved by going into the “Lightroom | Identity Plate Setup…” dialog and checking “Enable Identity Plate.” You can then disable the Identity Plate and the module labels will remain on screen. However, on several subsequent activations of the program I’ve seen the module names disappear again.

Check the

I also tried deleting the program preferences, as well as the Catalog Previews file to no avail. Deleting the program preferences file (com.adobe.Lightroom.plist – found in ~/Library/Preferences) merely activated an annoying set-up dialog at start-up that would never go away by pressing Finish or Cancel. Luckily, I’d saved a backup copy of the original preferences file.

What about you guys? Any troubles using Lightroom? Any solutions to these or other issues?

Mozy Backup Inconsistencies

I’ve been using Mozy Backup on my Mac for a while now. It apparently works invisibly in the background which is good (hassle-free) but also quite dangerous if things don’t go as expected. I haven’t had the need to retrieve anything from Mozy’s online backup -though my friends tell me it works really well, but today I encountered the following conflicting dates which I’m hoping Mozy can explain:

According to Mozy’s online gauge, my last backup occurred 8 days ago:

Mozy Backup’s Online Gauge

But according to Mozy’s desktop application, my last backup was 3 days ago:

Mozy Desktop Status

So, which is it?

New Look

Well, finally… the blog has a new look. Everything seems to be working, but do let me know if you find any gremlins. The original theme (Subtle, with Subvert style) comes from Glued Ideas, but needed a lot of customizing to get some things working. I installed a local copy of WordPress on my MBP and replicated my blog with the help of several articles I found online and lots of elbow grease. Upgraded the server to PHP5 and WordPress 2.05. Some minor cosmetic details will be taken care of shortly, but meanwhile I hope you enjoy the new look and functionality.

Geotagging photos with Garmin’s GPSMAP296

If you’re using a Garmin GPSMAP296 to track your outings in order to geotag your photos later on, you should be aware of the following “feature”:

Once you Save the Active Track to a Saved Track, ALL TIMING INFORMATION WILL BE LOST. This is by design (and has been confirmed by Garmin Tech Support), as the 296 will condense and optimize the information in the Active Track before saving it to a Saved Track.

Without any timing information, you won’t be able to cross-reference your photos with your GPS track for geotagging.

Using Garmin’s MapSource software I noticed that timing information is included in the Active Track (which will show up as ACTIVE LOG xxx inside MapSource).

Once I figure out how to condense the ACTIVE LOG files into a single one and save them as a single track file, I’ll post a tutorial.

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