Geotagging photos with Garmin’s GPSMAP296

If you’re using a Garmin GPSMAP296 to track your outings in order to geotag your photos later on, you should be aware of the following “feature”:

Once you Save the Active Track to a Saved Track, ALL TIMING INFORMATION WILL BE LOST. This is by design (and has been confirmed by Garmin Tech Support), as the 296 will condense and optimize the information in the Active Track before saving it to a Saved Track.

Without any timing information, you won’t be able to cross-reference your photos with your GPS track for geotagging.

Using Garmin’s MapSource software I noticed that timing information is included in the Active Track (which will show up as ACTIVE LOG xxx inside MapSource).

Once I figure out how to condense the ACTIVE LOG files into a single one and save them as a single track file, I’ll post a tutorial.

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