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San Francisco Updates

Just a quick update from San Francisco.

Tomorrow is my last day in San Francisco. In just a couple of days I’ve really gotten a nice feel for this town and really like it. There’s so much happening in the tech front… you could actually say they’re building the future here. Classes, conferences, companies… you name it, it’s here.

I went to the Exploratorium today and had a wonderful time. It’s great to see such a big museum built expressly to awaken the children’s imagination, curiosity and aspirations. And it’s not just for kids…

And now on to more blog related stuff…

The Forbes MEET 2006 conference was great. The panel format they used is simply outstanding and lends itself to very insightful conversations among the participants. The Forbes editors did a very good job of guiding the conversation and keeping things on track. I’m really glad there were zero powerpoint presentations (which usually end up being self-serving company ads). I’ll be posting details and observations of each panel as soon as I get back home.

Apparently, Comedy Central has asked YouTube to remove all of their material from their servers. Interesting. No talk yet of a Comedy Central YouTube Channel, a la CBS, although they are already selling their content on Google Video.

To wrap things up, it seems Google’s AdSense audio version is almost ready for release, which should give a nice boost to the podcast industry.

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Intel Entrepreneurial Competition at Berkeley

I arrived in San Francisco today in time to attend the final round of Intel’s Entrepreneurial competition at the UC Berkeley campus. The winner was local team Aurora BioFuels, who are doing wonderful things with oil-producing algae. Keep an eye on them. Another interesting business plan – and winner of the People’s Choice award, mostly for their creative, drum-thumping presentation – was presented by Watel Solutions (they’re building a machine that extracts moisture from the air and produces potable water).

Aurora Biofuels wins Intel Business Plan Competition

Tomorrow it’s off to San Francisco for sightseeing (and possibly getting a free router from FON at Union Square), while I continue on my quest to find an Apple store with a new MacBook Pro in stock.