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New Google Analytics Reporting Features

Google Analytics has implemented a number of new features (which you may or may not see in your account yet, since they are in beta). I haven’t had the chance to play around with them, but this is what they look like:

The Advanced Segments tool allows you to filter your reports by up to four pre-designed or custom segments:

Top Content - Google Analytics

This is what the Custom Segment creator looks like:

Create Advanced Segment - Google Analytics

Once you select your segments, you’ll get a detailed report:

Google Analytics - Advanced Segments

The final new feature I found is Customized Reports, allowing you to quickly look at the data you find important – for instance, how your keywords are performing in a particular market:

Create Custom Report - Google Analytics

Google has published this short video, explaining how to build a Custom Report. Watch it to get an idea of how powerful these new tools are.

With this newfound flexibility, Google Analytics bridges the gap to more expensive analytics solutions.
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