What I don’t like about NewsGator Outlook Edition

So I finally decided to give NewsGator Outlook Edition a try (since I finally decided to go back to Outlook 2003 from Thunderbird).

+ I like the way it synchronizes with my NewsGator Online account, so that I didn’t have to re-enter all my RSS feeds.

– I don’t like the way all my carefully organized subfolders are now gone. Instead of ten nicely organized folders under the “Opinion” folders, now I have hundreds of messages from all my “Opinion” sources thrown together.

– I wish the “Go to site” option would open in my default browser (Firefox) and not within Outlook (IE). Or at least I should be given the option to decide. The way it’s now I have to click on the title which opens a message with the article text and then click on the link within the message which then launches my default browser.

– It’s really annoying to have to right-click on every message and select “Download pictures.” Clicking on “Add sender to safe-senders list” does not seem to work – I still have to do it every time.

+/- The MyNews page is cool, but I wish I could decide which feeds get displayed on it. I’m subscribed to some feeds for archival purposes (so I can search them later) but I don’t read them daily and don’t want them displayed on the MyNews page.

+ I like the way articles get categorized automatically when the feed includes the relevant information (Gizmodo, for example).

Comments from original posting of this article (on my previous blog):

Have you tried Optimal Desktop? Optimal Desktop gives you a tabed matrix interface. You can organize your feeds in seperate tabs and get to any of them with 3 clicks or less.

It has an interface to NewsIsFree so you can choose from over 330 categories of news. Another interface to Moreover will let you define the news you want to receive. You can do the same with PubSub. Here is a demo of how it works.


Get it at http://www.optimalaccess.com

Posted by: Karan | December 7, 2004 10:50 AM

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